2013 Student Portfolio Review Afterthoughts

AIGA Raleigh

portfolioreview_afterthoughtsThe sun was shining, spring had sprung and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect to set the tone for the event I had been building up to for the last two years. I arrived, coincidentally, at the same time as my classmates and we entered the two-story glass front building to begin our adventure. I was greeted at the registration area by some familiar faces and AIGA volunteers. We were promptly checked-in and given our itineraries for the day. We then waited in the entry area for the other students and reviewers to arrive and get checked in.

As I stood there with my peers, a feeling of relief washed over me. I thought to myself, “We made it, no more picking apart each others pieces, no grades to compare, today we stand here as equals in support of one another”. I was, and am proud of the…

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User Experience

I worked with a partner on the concept project for our User experience, Six Degrees of Separation Exhibit. We developed an idea for a traveling exhibit that would connect users of the museaum to one another to reduce their degree of separation to less than six. In the day of social media our connections between everyone in our world should be less than six. For our project we developed a mobile application, signs and banners for the museum, the actual user interface, and small give aways for children.



A look back: Game Launch Kit

This kit is a proof of concept piece. The general idea is that the video game Crazy Taxi is being launched new for the Wii U.

The final ended up being made up of several pieces:

  • cover of the video game
  • the label flash disc
  • the iTunes download card
  •  two custom RC cars
  • custom Wii Steering Wheel
  • the font and back covers of the Launch Kit Box

The real challenge with this project was the amount of craftsmanship needed to successfully mockup the kit. I hand carved flower foam for the form on the inside of the box to hold my materials. I found that it was easiest to free-hand cut the circles on the front and back covers of the box. My secret to great results is a new Xacto blade, and a steady hand (I wouldn’t recommend tackling this after a couple cups of coffee!). Overall I am pleased with the results, if I were to go back and make changes, I would increase the box blur on the background of the cover art so that the image conveys more motion and cannot be mistaken for being pixelated.

Game Launch Kit

Hello everyone!

It has been a busy few weeks. Currently, I am wrapping up a Video Game Launch Kit. This project was a great exercise in proof of concept. My idea is to relaunch one of my favorites games, Crazy Taxi for the new Wii U. I consulted with the experts on this one, the munchkins I nanny for throughout the week, gave me lots of great insights on the new game system. The Wii U features a game pad similar looking to a Gameboy, that aids in games. I thought that Sega’s hit game, Crazy Taxi, would be the perfect game to launch for the new gaming system. The game combines fun stunt driving similar to Mario Kart, a rocking soundtrack by the Offspring and Bad Romance, and a brassy characters to keep you engaged for hours. I felt that the Wii steering wheel accessory would be great for this game in particular. Another interesting point is that Crazy Taxi is available on all modern gaming systems except for the Nintendo Wii. The biggest complaint of the gaming system are the joystick controllers, after ten minutes of play your thumbs get so sore, from the Crazy Trick Maneuvers. I feel that the controller of the Wii U lends itself perfectly to solve this delima. Here is a sneak peak of the project. Ignore the cover art of the game and the box art, those will be replaced with my own artwork. This is just to give you an idea of where I am going.

The Key Project

Three Dimensions

Three Dimensions

For this piece I created the image below using Illustrator. I started from a picture I took of my keys and created a two dimensional artwork and used the 3d Extrude and Bevel Effect to render a three dimensional representation. I used Map Art to cover the three dimensional objects with artwork that I had created and turned into symbols. I would say that the hardest part of this undertaking would have been creating the clasp. My computer seem to freeze up every time I tried to apply the map art in a realistic fashion. I really enjoyed creating the key chain. As an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan, I felt I had to represent!

Sneek Peek: The Migratory Patterns of Flying Pigs


I thought I would share a glimpse into the book cover project. I decided to go with The Migratory Patterns of Flying Pigs as my book title. For the imagery, I felt that not actually showing the flying pig would be the way to go. With this direction, it alludes to the existence of flying pigs. You must read the book to actually find the flying pigs. However when you open the book and it is blank it is clear that flying pigs do not actually exist. I liked the idea of flying pigs because they are a metaphor to define something impossible. So the book itself could be a metaphor for chasing the impossible. You cannot attain the impossible and that is why the book is blank.

This is just a rough but overall I think the final layout will be the same. I still need to design the back of the cover. I will be using Lulu.com to print the final version of the book. Lulu allows for quality book publishing at low cost. It has several different ways to design covers but I chose use their advanced one-piece cover designer so that I could also design the spine into my artwork.