Sneek Peek: The Migratory Patterns of Flying Pigs


I thought I would share a glimpse into the book cover project. I decided to go with The Migratory Patterns of Flying Pigs as my book title. For the imagery, I felt that not actually showing the flying pig would be the way to go. With this direction, it alludes to the existence of flying pigs. You must read the book to actually find the flying pigs. However when you open the book and it is blank it is clear that flying pigs do not actually exist. I liked the idea of flying pigs because they are a metaphor to define something impossible. So the book itself could be a metaphor for chasing the impossible. You cannot attain the impossible and that is why the book is blank.

This is just a rough but overall I think the final layout will be the same. I still need to design the back of the cover. I will be using to print the final version of the book. Lulu allows for quality book publishing at low cost. It has several different ways to design covers but I chose use their advanced one-piece cover designer so that I could also design the spine into my artwork.


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