So I am working on a self-portrait for illustration. I used a collaboration of mediums including pencil drawing, water-color, colored pencils and oil pastels. I feel the mix media captures the nature of my exuberant personality. Naturally I am quite extroverted but also quite introspective. The expression and pose of my body reflects the introspective side of myself. The colors are representative my of my range of hobbies and interests, as well as a metaphor for my sunny disposition. I contrasted the soft curves of my figure with sharp geometric lines. This was to note my conflict between my left brain and right brain egos. You see I am quite artistic and creative in many facets. However, my line of thinking is highly logical and deductive. Yes, I am that nerd that actually loved Calculus! As a designer, I both struggle and strive with this underlying conflict. Anyways I have included three versions of my self-portrait, trying to find which one best suits me.


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