A look back: Game Launch Kit

This kit is a proof of concept piece. The general idea is that the video game Crazy Taxi is being launched new for the Wii U.

The final ended up being made up of several pieces:

  • cover of the video game
  • the label flash disc
  • the iTunes download card
  •  two custom RC cars
  • custom Wii Steering Wheel
  • the font and back covers of the Launch Kit Box

The real challenge with this project was the amount of craftsmanship needed to successfully mockup the kit. I hand carved flower foam for the form on the inside of the box to hold my materials. I found that it was easiest to free-hand cut the circles on the front and back covers of the box. My secret to great results is a new Xacto blade, and a steady hand (I wouldn’t recommend tackling this after a couple cups of coffee!). Overall I am pleased with the results, if I were to go back and make changes, I would increase the box blur on the background of the cover art so that the image conveys more motion and cannot be mistaken for being pixelated.


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