2013 Student Portfolio Review Afterthoughts

AIGA Raleigh

portfolioreview_afterthoughtsThe sun was shining, spring had sprung and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect to set the tone for the event I had been building up to for the last two years. I arrived, coincidentally, at the same time as my classmates and we entered the two-story glass front building to begin our adventure. I was greeted at the registration area by some familiar faces and AIGA volunteers. We were promptly checked-in and given our itineraries for the day. We then waited in the entry area for the other students and reviewers to arrive and get checked in.

As I stood there with my peers, a feeling of relief washed over me. I thought to myself, “We made it, no more picking apart each others pieces, no grades to compare, today we stand here as equals in support of one another”. I was, and am proud of the…

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User Experience

I worked with a partner on the concept project for our User experience, Six Degrees of Separation Exhibit. We developed an idea for a traveling exhibit that would connect users of the museaum to one another to reduce their degree of separation to less than six. In the day of social media our connections between everyone in our world should be less than six. For our project we developed a mobile application, signs and banners for the museum, the actual user interface, and small give aways for children.