Finding Reliable Resources Online

AIGA Raleigh

Header ImageAs a designer I am sure you spend many hours of your day, and probably nights, in front of your computer screen.  A part of our duty as designers is to stay informed on the latest trends and technologies in the ever-evolving field of design. As the internet’s vast array of information pours into our screens, we use this tool to stay inspired, apply for jobs, polish our skills, connect with our peers, house our brands and with the launch of the Adobe Creative Cloud® actually do the majority of our work all plugged into the world wide web. We spend countless hours surfing, searching for the perfect typefaces, images, themes, snippets, and templates. We define our work, brand, and personal identities online. In between producing amazing projects for various clients, we continue to find ourselves in front of that same computer screen browsing the online depths while searching for…

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