My Design Journey – How I Slipped, Tripped, and Fell into Exactly Where I Wanted to Be

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AIGA Raleigh


When I was first approached at the prospect of telling my story I became conflicted mostly because I didn’t understand why anyone would want to hear it. Then I realized as designers we all have unique stories that brought us to this field, each as different as the next. Everyone has different ways of getting to the same places and it is the journey that defines who they are.

Ten years ago, I distinctly remembering staring at a college application confused about why I needed to choose my major and my destiny then and there. I wondered how I could be the only one who had no clue where I belonged in the world and where I wanted to go. I was someone who loved school and excelled in most everything I tried my hand at. I loved the challenge of math, the perplexity of politics, the beauty of music…

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